Shed Insulation – A Guide to Insulating a Shed

As somewhere that you will likely spend a great deal of time in throughout the year, insulating a shed can be very beneficial as it will extend this period of time, whilst protecting belongings inside your shed from sudden temperature changes, especially electronics and valuables. If you possess any plants which aren’t particularly hardy, these…

How to Insulate a Wooden Shed

There are several ways you can go about insulating sheds. You need to be well aware of your needs and budget restrictions before you set out to make your garden building better able to withstand the elements.


8 Things to Consider When Installing a Green Roof

A green roof is a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop and is sometimes referred to as a vegetated roof, eco-roof, or living roof. When installed correctly, it provides numerous benefits. These include: improving the air quality, providing a habitat for wildlife and preventing gutters from overflowing. By adding a green shed roof, you’ll be…


10 Simple Yet Stylish Projects You Can Do Out of Scrap Wood

Does your pile of scrap wood in the garage or workshop just seem to keep getting bigger and bigger? Stop trying to throw them away because there are a lot of practical and simple crafts you can do out of scrap wood! So, we have gathered some of the simplest yet most stylish wooden projects…


Bird-Friendly Garden: Eight Ways to Help Breeding Birds

Modern developments have created a lot of damage to animal habitats, including those of birds. So, we owe it to them to make our gardens and garden sheds bird-friendly and help our little feathered friends survive and breed successfully. Our garden experts are now encouraging every British homeowner to choose plants that provide suitable fruits…